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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A belated post for my birthday. Basically, I went Taiwan (again) for the fourth time in my life. It's to celebrate my birthday. There wasn't much and I spent S$500 not knowing what did I spend on. laughs And this year, I got 2 presents! Yay! I hardly get presents so I'm really excited this time.

Thank you Wendy for gifting me this amazing MTN that I have been harping on getting but couldn't bear to spend the money for it. I will put it to good use and it'll be my journal from next year onwards. It's such a great, eco friendly present! I don't have to keep buying new organiser/journal whenever I finish one. I just have to replace the inserts in this MTN.

Also, wants to thank my dad and mom for getting me this. I used to own the iPad mini but sold it off to pay bills. And now, I got the iPad mini 2! I will use it wisely.

I can't deny July was a magical month for me. I won a lucky draw on one of the Tamagotchi FB groups. I won the latest Tamagotchi m!x and I'm super stoked and grateful for it! I had a lot of amazing things happen to me and I'm not being greedy but I hope it never stops!