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Sunday, October 11, 2015
Regrets and ideas

I don't know what I've been busy with lately. But let's just summarise what happened during my absence here.

I have recently gotten myself into Tamagotchi once again. I spend excessively at this somewhat expensive hobby. But good thing is, it rid me of my obsession with branded bags, for real. And the bad thing is, I just spent over S$200 buying a ton of it from Yahoo Japan which I now regret and am desperately trying to get them off my hands. You know the feeling in which you play with stocks and then you get burnt? Yeah, I'm feeling that now. I'm burnt real bad. Below are the things in which i have yet to sell:

Finally bought a new set of aircon. I'm not sure when installation will be done, but that's halfway in getting the room done properly. Next, we'll have to mount up the TV and sound bar. I can't wait for the desk to be clear of all these clutter. So I can use the laptop and write on a proper desk instead of sitting on the floor and bending really low because of the low table. And then I can get my books collection out and lined on the desk and I have a glass bottle which I saved up so I can buy some baby's breath and put it in. I'm so excited just imagining all these happening!

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