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Thursday, June 04, 2015
I hope...

I have finally gotten a Tamagotchi 4U! Although it's not P's which I think is totally cute with all the adoptable pets (maybe I'll get one for my birthday!). Anyway, the problem is my 4U is so limited and boring without the NFC contents and I have been thinking for a few days to get the best solution out of this problem.

I hope to get a Nexus 7 so I can actually go forward with the Tamagotchi instead of downgrading it to a P's in which I still need to get an infrared toggle so I can download items in my PC and have it transferred to the P's. I just hope...

Anyway, this week I am practically home bound. Monday was a PH, so no work. Tuesday I was on MC, went to work on Wednesday for half a day and went back home because I wasn't feeling well and then today I went to see a doctor again and am currently on two days MC. I feel so bad for not being in the office but I don't feel well enough to be at work. My giddiness seems to be getting really bad. My head feels heavy these few days. Took a nap today and woke up to a migraine with cold sweat.

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