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Monday, February 16, 2015
Trying to rearrange my thoughts

People don't want to know why you are sad today, they just want to know what makes you happy.

Don't get me wrong though. Not everyone is optimistic, happy and wants to avoid all things negative. They are interested in what brings you down but they are more interested in your happiness. Your achievements are the benchmark these people will set for themselves. I don't know why am I saying this and it also has nothing to do with what I'm feeling currently.

It's a kind of sad quiet feeling. I don't plan on indulging into it too much but it's so hard to avoid that haunting emotion. Anyway, let's just say the reason to why I'm feeling this can never be rectified. I can only cheer myself up.

Anyway, I currently have a few things in mind that I want/need to get.

1. Tamagotchi P's Melody Set

Okay, this is too damn cute. I found it on Amazon.com and I.JUST.HAVE.TO.GET.IT. I haven't made the payment(I don't know what I'm waiting for) but I guess it's the fact that I'm a little tight on cash that is stopping me from checking out.

2. Hobonichi Techo Cousin

I have gotten an Ardium planner(still available for sale on my carousell: ttinyterror) recently and realise I don't really like it so now, I'm desperately trying to sell it off so I can fund my next planner -> THE HOBONICHI TECHO!

3. Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag

-Cries- I've been wanting to get this ever since a few years back. This is the bag that even when you have money, it doesn't guarantee that you will get it. They are gonna be restocking in March 2015. What's even better is that, this one that I'm eyeing, it's made of vegan leather!

4. A really cute little backpack

For this, I haven't set my eyes on any and am still currently looking out for one. Not intentionally though. I just hope one day I will bump into one that makes the money fly out from my wallet.

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