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Monday, October 20, 2014
Review - Refuel Cafe

It's been quite a while since I had brunch. I was really craving for Eggs Benedict and got to know of a cafe nearby at the east area. Googled it for more info and found out it was located at Bedok Reservoir. Sadly, they don't serve eggs benedict. Anyway, we still decided to give it a try and since it's so near, why not?!

*Image credit to Refuel Cafe SG Facebook

It was a long time since I've been to Bedok Reservoir and I was surprised when I saw a Macdonalds erupted there. Why I say 'erupted' was because I have NEVER seen a 'under construction' Maccas. They always pop up overnight! Weird right?

So back to the topic on Refuel Cafe: It was cozy and small upon stepping into the cafe. It was free seating and there wasn't lots of people on a Monday afternoon so we got our pick. There aren't lots of choices judging by the menu. For desserts, you will have to ask the staff.

I ordered: Refuel Pancake with Salmon. There's actually a choice of Bratwurst or Bacon or Salmon.
E ordered: Full Tank

Both our orders had a little 'R' logo at the side to indicate that they are chef's recommendations and since it's our first time there, well, it's best to order what the chef recommends.

Refuel Pancakes with Salmon, $11.90.

Full Tank, $13.90.

Oh, besides these two main dishes, we also ordered a cup of hot hazelnut latte for $5.80. Coffee wasn't fantastic but still acceptable. So anyway, our verdict:

It will be a one time visit for me but E says she wouldn't mind coming back again because Full Tank was worth the price, however the one that I ordered wasn't worth it. (Note! If you chose bratwurst or bacon with Refuel Pancakes, it will only be $9.90!) So in overall, food was affordable with no GST and Service Charge. Location is fairly convenient.

Refuel Cafe
Blk 744 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3029
Singapore 470744
Mon 11am to 10pm
Wed - Sun 11am to 10pm

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