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Friday, October 17, 2014
Meowmi Cafe

I can finally say: I've been to a cat cafe!

It was super impromptu! There we were, strolling and making our way after a birthday celebration dinner till we spotted a little cafe there has cats inside. What really caught our attention was this really huge cat!

She is the oldest cat and was told by the owner that this species can grow up to 1metre long! They are really big sized in my opinion!

So anyway, we decided to go in! It's $13 for an hour with a complimentary drink and $5 for every subsequent hour. So anyway, took a few pictures and... just see for yourself!

Selfie with one of the popular cats in the shop: Mario! He has all the girls!

This black cat is Luna! (She was named after the black cat in Sailormoon.) She is super playful and runs and jumps around a lot! She has a funny way of eating too! She dishes out a few kibbles from the bowl and eats off the floor. Oh, and she has big round eyes too!

Next up, my favourite fattie, Junior! (I thought it was preggies from all the stomach fat!) He sleeps almost everywhere! He's a sleeper!

Mario: "I'm cute and I know it!"

Took a lot of pics (busted two phones) but let's just conclude with a group photo with Mario and Junior aka the approving manager.

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