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Friday, August 29, 2014
Pince and how about NOOOO.

"Being here taught me what I liked and what I didn't like. I thank every thought that runs through my mind at every moment here."

Pince and Pints. Finally tried it. I would say, it was given more hype than it deserved. Arrived at 5:45pm on a Wednesday and it was already full and we were on the waiting list. Waited till 6.30pm. I was really excited and looked forward to the chilli lobsters with fried buns (just like chilli crab).

Service was commendable. The waiter introduced himself after sitting us and told us how the menu only consisted of three dishes now, but in the future, more will be added. So anyway, we decided to order and try everything except the lobster bun.

We ordered: Steamed and grilled lobsters and Chilli lobster.

My verdict: We couldn't wait to sink our teeth into our food but alas, it was disappointing. Grilled and steamed lobsters were overcooked and it was all rubbery and hard to chew. I actually got tired of chewing after a while. Chilli Crab was -what I felt- too soft. Honestly, the best things on the table was probably the fries and fried buns to dip with the chilli sauce. Each dish was priced at SGD48++ and the bill came up till about SGD150++. We gave our feedback regarding the overcooked lobster and all they could do was apologize for being too 'busy' to tend to us. I won't be returning to this place anymore. One time was enough an experience for me.

**Chilli crab is still the best. After the bad and un-fulfilling dinner, we went to a bar and sat down for drinks. Great if I were to say so myself. I love fruit beers.

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