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Friday, August 01, 2014
Birthdayyyy trip - 1

I had an amazing birthday and weekend. It was six days of relaxation. So, on Wednesday morning, I woke up early preparing myself to head out to RWS Sentosa. Long story short: I did not go to RWS Sentosa, instead I went to BKK. I was tricked very nicely into it without suspecting anything. Even up till the moment that we had to check in, my head was spinning in excitement and I just couldn't believe it. I had nothing prepared. Even my feelings was not prepared for BKK.

Upon reaching the hotel, I was really awed by their excellent service. We were brought up to our suite by one of their staff who went through the room with us - letting us know where everything is kept and stored. We had a balcony and I just loved it. I love the sea view, I love the sunset shining onto the buildings.

Had dinner at the hotel's restaurant and it was the yummiest I have ever eaten. I must be really hungry.

Drinks - Shirley Temple and Ice Lemon Tea. Shirley Temple tastes weird... there's this cherry taste. Reminds me of medicine but still okay. Ice lemon tea: this was to our surprise. The previous time we had ice lemon tea when we were in BKK, it tastes SUPER weird. It's no where near the kinds that we drink in Singapore. But this was okay and good even!

The fooooood. It was great. Even better than Singapore's Tze Char. (GASP!) After dinner, we took the boat service en route Asiatique!

To be continued...

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