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Thursday, August 07, 2014
Birthday trip - 1.5

Been really busy with work and there seems to be so much going on right now - unhappiness mostly. Anyway, on to my trip.

We went to Asiatique. Walked around and saw the tiniest Pomeranian ever. This is my second time going there and... I got lost. I got lost trying to find the shop that I found the previous time. They have the prettiest pair of shoes and I regretted not getting them the first time I was there. So, one advice: see it? buy it! Anyway, walked a lot. Weaving in and out of shops. Most shops are repeated and most shops just doesn't catch my eye. I was keen to try out new things and since there was a huge ferris wheel, we decided to go for it. I never knew I will ever regret it - I regretted the moment I stepped into the cabin and it started moving. It moved and stopped for a few times to load passengers. On top of that, the individual cabin MOVES & SWAYS! That was enough to freak me out and immobilize me for the rest of the ride. I did not enjoy myself.

We called it an early night and headed back to our hotel room. We had room service and... the hotel presented me a cake along with it. I don't eat cakes so for these 4 years, all my cakes were wasted.

I order a fruits platter with chocolate sauce - in replacement of fondue that I've been craving since forever. (Haagen Dazs fondue, I will COME FOR YOU!) And not forgetting buffalo wings

Thanks for the cake. It's strawberry filled... but still not enough for me to want to eat it.

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