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Monday, July 21, 2014
Moody Mondays

*Introducing: Xiao Wei the silky terrier!

"It's Monday. I don't want to get up please. Just let me slouch here for a while more..." - Xiao Wei

So... how's Monday so far for y'all? Mine was horrible. From the moment I woke up(I couldn't. Not on time.), I felt all lethargic and every movement required lots of strength. I couldn't even open my eyes while I was brushing my teeth and washing my face. FYI: I slept at 10ish last night. Worse than sleeping at 12.

Woke up late, but I wasn't late for work. (Hooray, power walking!) Had a slack morning till 12noon. Gah this was the time where troubles came in. See, I applied for leave from Wednesday to Friday. I know it is very last minute but I totally forgot. So, I was sort of reprimanded for a bit and was told to seriously consider a few things. Anyway, I wish to have a good week for the rest of the remaining days so I shall not divulge or go in deeper. -inserts positive thoughts-

4 more days till my actual birthday. Another year older, yet none wiser.

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