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Monday, July 14, 2014
Brunch - FFL

It's Monday(again)! Can I just go back into hiding till the weekends are here?

9 more working days till the long weekends! Honestly, I sorta regret not having anything planned for my birthday. I mean, I need to relax man! Just some small short getaway/staycation... Anyway, I had a great weekend. (I skipped class on Sunday and feeling guilty for it)

Visited FFL - Fresh Fruits Lab with Wendy and we had a great time! Loving that cafe for it's quiet. I am constantly surprised during my visit there.

Our favorite - Truffle fries. Did I ever mention that I am finding more and more similarities with her???? I never knew till now. Frankly speaking, we weren't close before, although we talk now and then but I guess when we get older, we really are able to tell apart the friends to keep and the friends to chuck aside.

Besides the fries, coffee! Another of our fave! I got Hazelnut cappuccino and she got Orange Mocha. The latter is one of FFL's creation in which they use squeezed orange juice. One of my surprises are here. The coffee doesn't taste weird at all! It reminds me of orange flavoured chocolate.

I had Eggs Benedict and she had Black Stone(Not shown). I go around all the cafes trying their eggs benedict and the best is still the ones from Penny's University. Their hollandaise sauce is the best ever. FFL's pale against it. To put it bluntly, the FFL's sauce was almost tasteless. It feels like drinking water - with calories. However, one thing I have to compliment will be the fruits in my dish. They are simply awesome + they are warm! I have never had warm fruits before and I am loving it. It's sweet and warm - another point that surprised me.

Overall, it was great. I like the iced water that they serve - can I know what fruits do you put inside please? It's a mixture and we loved it. To get refills, we drank our iced water even faster than our coffee. (hehe!) The place is quiet too, even on a Saturday morning. My second time to FFL and I am still loving it. Really like that their staffs are friendly and polite too.

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