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Saturday, July 19, 2014
Bella Box Asia - July 2014

Got my July box from Bella Box today and I just had to blog about it immediately.

This was the box for the month of June. It was awesome. It consists of facial products from belif (Peat miracle revital cream, Peat miracle revital eye cream & Peat miracle revital serum concentrate), Apothecary bar soap, Laneige BB cushion, Anna Sui parfum, Fresh sugar rose lippie and Benefit They're Real products (Push-up liner, Remover & Mascara). All these are awesomely good and gave me the chance to really try something useful before purchasing them.

Bella Box has raved and gave us sneak peeks into their July box. As we all know, BB has gone Paris!

Above three pictures credit to bellabox.sg

I was so excited for the "Givenchy Dahlia Noir EDP and Ange ou Demon Le Secret EDP" and "Lollipops Glossy Lipstick in Fatal Cocktail" but atlas, I received none of them... Instead, these are what I received. Pictures below taken by me.

I saw lots of reviews on #BellaBoxAsia on Instagram and honestly, the products this month was bad. When I received my box today, I wanted the lippie so much so when I opened up my box, I was utterly disappointed.

Instead of receiving the Givenchy EDPs, I had this Nina Ricci. (Oh well, consolation.)

Sorry, no comments. It's just that I'm not a person who does hair mask.

Another BB cream to try out... (I have yet to try the Laneige BB Cushion I got last month).

This is the highlight of the July box. I don't know the brand but at least there are some facial products for me to try out. I am open to trying new facial masks or anything facial related.

L'oreal hair products?? Really? This is the worst ever. I can probably get this at Watsons or Guardian. Boo.

Facial mask again. But I can't deny this is cute though.

So... where is my lippieeeeee?? I'm really sad I don't get to try it at all... So, I'm looking for trades. Lippie with any products above! Email (ttinyterror@gmail.com) or leave a comment to let me know!

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