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Wednesday, July 09, 2014
a problem with jobs.

Today was a struggle. I struggled to get out of bed and to go to work. It was raining heavily, and I was all snuggled up in my bed. It should be a sin, having to work on a morning like today. Nonetheless, this is not what I would like to be talking about.

I am in a small little crisis. I know everyone goes through that period in which you don't know what you want out of life. I am once again confused and my little sanctuary has been disturbed. I used to tell myself to have a secure job and income and everything will be fine. But who wouldn't want the comfort of working at their own homes? My dream was once to be holding a acceptable position (it doesn't even have to be high) and to be in total control and command in my area of expertise. It still is now and I hope I will be able to fulfill it one day.

Putting in words now, I realize how small my matter is. I know it all lies with myself. But the first step to achieving what I want - changing jobs. Now, I'll be making my way off and restart this whole cycle again tomorrow.

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