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Tuesday, June 24, 2014
KL in a day(post).

Back in Singapore, but I left my heart behind in KL.

Drove for 4, 5 hours and all I did during these hours was sleep and read. It's a cycle. After 2 long cycles of it, we finally reached our destination. First thing when I open the door to my hotel room was: "Wow, big!" It's only a standard deluxe room. However, it was disgusting. Dirty and disgusting. Well, clearly the house keeping people did not do their job properly. So anyway, requested for a room change and luckily, we were given one + upgrade! Didn't take any pictures of the hotel room but instead, took a few attempts at OOTD.

Hotel: Swiss Garden Residences

Didn't do much for the first day, except have lunch at Papa Rich and walked around Sungei Wang mall. Bought tons of beer back for our first night. Played cards and well, we had too much for dinner at Aloy so our stomach couldn't really fit anymore beer in. We drank and played lesser than we thought we would.

Lunch: Nasi Lemak and Milo Dinosaur. Love love love drinking milo in Malaysia. Unlike Singapore, they are not stingy with the milo powder at all!

This was the amount of food & drinks for 4 person. We still had 6 cans of Garlsberg and 3 cans of Qing Dao stored in the fridge. Anyway, the night ended pretty well. (Or so we thought, but let's not go into the details.)

I was happily sleeping and I thought I could sleep till I wake up naturally but I was woken up by the phone. Bad news in the morning. Nonetheless, we did our best to enjoy ourselves for the rest of the trip. We drove to KL, but we had to bus back home so we went over to Berjaya Times Square to get three tickets for Sunday. We were in luck constantly. Thankful for that. After purchasing our tickets, we head on over to Starbucks to talk about what happened Friday night. Shocking and unbelievable, but it happened. Unpleasant things aside, we caught 2 movies in a day as the tickets are super damn cheap! (Argh, damn you SG!) Watched Maleficent and I loved it! Loved it to bits. Angelina Jolie was good. I love it. After that, we proceeded to have our lunch.

Lunch at some Hong Kong style restaurant. It was so-so. Made plans to head over to Chinatown and be back again for our second show at night.

Amazed by the size of the lychees over at Chinatown. Walked around for approx. 30mins before deciding to go back to our hotel to take a shower. Weather was a killer!

Showered and rested. We had tickets to How to train your dragon 2 at 9:15pm so we decided to walk to Pavilion, stopping over at Killiney's for dinner first. Had Katong Laksa (what irony. I hardly eat this in SG), surprisingly, it was quite alike!

Last activity of the night/trip. Bought all these munchies for less than SGD7! (Damn you again, SG!)

Overall, I had a really good short trip. So good I don't want to be back here. I want to be on a holiday constantly. I thought it will refresh me for work, but I hate my job. I dread it. Argh!

I want a 3DS XL to make myself happier.

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